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Product Code: LD76030

Shelf Life
10 months from date of manufacture

Pack Size
12 x 1 litre Tetra Carton
10 litre bag in box

Ideal for
For pastry and gateau decoration and filling

Available on Order
Price: POR

Special Features
Caselle is a fast whip, high volume bakery and confectionery cream ideal for first class gateau and pastry decoration and filling. With its excellent stability and smooth clean pipe definition it is great value for money. Perfect for blending with all dairy creams to produce a product more stable than cream, yet retaining the real cream flavour.
Whips up to 3.5 times its volume
Very stable when whipped - won't collapse
Forms perfect peaks
Blends perfectly with dairy cream and takes other flavours
Freeze thaw stable once whipped.
No Leaching

Caselle whips very quickly, a bonus when time is of the essence. Like all creams, it should be whipped at moderate speed until sufficiently firm for piping or spreading.

In addition Caselle is:
GM free
Suitable for vegetarians
Gluten free

Store in a dry, cool place below + 20ºC however for best results keep product chilled at +2ºC to +8ºC. If product is stored in cool, dry place, at least ensure it is refrigerated for at least 24 hours prior to whipping. Caselle must be whipped from chilled. Do not freeze the litre pack prior to using.

Once whipped Caselle will last for up to 24-48 hours on product if kept chilled and under cover.

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