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Product Code: LD75810

Pack Size
12 x 1 litre slim line Tetra Briks.
10 litre bag in box

Ideal for
ALL your cream needs

Shelf Life
9 months from date of manufacture.
Once opened, refrigerate to 4°C and use within 3 days.

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Special Features
Millac Gold is the perfect cream for all occasions. The ideal partner in the kitchen, it can be used for all your culinary requirements including cooking, whipping and pouring.

As one of our best selling cream alternatives, Millac Gold has all the benefits of dairy cream, and more! Extremely versatile, it enables you to create sweet and savoury dishes. It doesn't split when used in cooking and reduces just like dairy cream.

Millac Gold tastes just like a fresh pasteurised cream. It has a creamy texture that allows other flavours such as chocolate and strawberry to shine through and, unlike dairy cream, will not split with the addition of acidic ingredients like orange.

Millac Gold whips up to 3 times in volume, that's 50% more than dairy cream. This means you achieve up to 3 litres of whipped cream from every litre of Millac Gold.

Millac Gold is significantly more stable than dairy cream when whipped. Unlike dairy cream, it's easy to whip in large quantities and does not fall back, giving the chef a wider time frame for application.
 In addition, as it is freeze thaw stable, Millac Gold gives you the ideal base to create the perfect cake.

With its long shelf life, Millac Gold can be stored at ambient temperature, eliminating the hassle and risk of the chill chain. Convenient for stock holding and reducing the frequency of replenishment, ambient storage also means reduced wastage in comparison to fresh product. It only needs chilling before whipping.

In addition Millac Gold is:
Bain Marie Stable in sauces
GM free
Suitable for Vegetarians

Millac Gold is a blend of buttermilk, vegetable fat and dairy cream.

Store in a cool dry place below 20°C. Only needs chilling before whipping.

Shelf Life
9 months from date of manufacture.
Once opened, refrigerate to 4°C and use within 3 days.


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