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DYNAMIX DMX190  malta DYNAMIX DMX190  malta DYNAMIX DMX190  malta


Product Code: DYNMX090

A truly professional mixer for small preparations!

The Dynamix is light, fast and efficient with a detachable foot allowing simple use, easy cleaning and maintenance.



- Lightweight, quick, efficient and powerful

- New! Longer mixer tool (190 mm) allowing to work in deeper pots.

- Detachable mixer tool that can be easily dismantled for easy cleaning

- Stainless steel mixer tube and guard

- Titanium-plated blade easy to remove

- Variable speed as standard

- Ergonomic

- Quiet

- Multifunction thanks to its interchangeable attachments (standard or emulsifying blades, beater or emulsifying discs, detachable whisks, ricer/foodmill attachment, cutter bowl, 1- or 3- litre-graduated bowl)


Mixer: Indispensable for the preparation of soups, salad dressings, gravies, sauces, mayonnaise, refried beans and many other applications.

Whisks: For easy preparation of batters, creams, mousseline sauces and whipped egg whites.

Foodmill/ricer: Ideal for making purees, smooth vegetable creams, compotes, etc.

Cutter: Allows you to grind, mix, chop vegetables, garlic, onions, herbs, parsley, nuts, minced meat, Parmesan and making short crust pastry or bread dough.


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