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Apricot Puree malta Apricot Puree malta Apricot Puree malta

Apricot Puree

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The Bergeron variety, which grows on plantations often next the Hermitage vineyards, is known for its sugar-acid balance and its beautiful orange colour. This variety is used for our puree and coulis.


Product obtained with the edible parts of one or several types of fruits or vegetables, then sieved or finely chopped, without any notable concentration, with or without added sugar(s).

- A strict selection of ripe-picked fruits and vegetables in the best areas.

- Constant taste, colour and texture guaranteed by blending techniques.

- Production methods adapted to each fruit and vegetable to maintain all their original qualities.

Product Description

Tray with a closable lid and a peel-off safety film in polypropylene (PP), 1kg contents.

- Convenient and economical use: possibility of easy unmoulding, portioning, pouring

- Reduced volume: it takes minimum space in the freezer or refrigerator


Apricot 86%, invert sugar syrup 14%

Latin Name: Prunus armeniaca

Origin: France

Nutritional Information

Information obtained after a sample analysis

Energy Kcal/100g: 87  

Energy Kj/100g: 369  

Fat g/100g: <0,1  

of which Saturates g/100g: <0,01  

Carbohydrate g/100g: 20,1  

of which Sugars g/100g: 15,5  

Fiber g/100g: 2,0  

Protein g/100g: 0,7  

Salt g/100g: 0,01  

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Apricot Pistachio Soft Caramel

    Apricot Puree - 210 g

    Heavy cream (35% fat) - 400 g

    Sucrose - 260 g

    Glucose syrup - 100 g

    Unsalted butter - 30 g

    Cocoa butter - 30 g

    Citric acid - 3 g

    Sicilian pistachios - 100 g

Combine the cream, sucrose and glucose in a heavy sauce pan and cook to 110˚C/230˚F.

Add the apricot puree and the butter and cook to 121˚C/249˚F, stirring continuously.

Remove from heat and add the cocoa butter and citric acid. Stir in the pistachios and transfer to a 20cm frame lined with plastic film. Allow to cool at room temperature several hours before cutting and wrapping.


Apricot sour

Alcohol Base: Vodka

   Apricot puree - 30 ml

    Vodka - 40 ml

    Amaretto - 10 ml

    Orgeat - 10 ml

    Lemon juice - 20 ml

    Egg white - 10 ml




    Apricots - 150 g

    100% Lemon puree - 13 g

    Egg yolks - 135 g

    Granulated sugar - 112 g

    Liquid cooking butter - 45 g

    White powdered almonds - 180 g

    Pistachios - 50 g

    Baking powder - 4 g

    Egg whites - 135 g

    Granulated sugar - 112 g

Beat the egg yolks with the granulated sugar to obtain a foamy mixture. Pour in all the ingredients except egg whites and granulated sugar and mix. Whisk the egg whites with the granulated sugar until firm and carefully fold into the mixture. Spread this mixture on a metal sheet covered with a pastry sheet and cook in the oven at a low temperature.


    Granulated sugar - 45 g

    Orange juice - 500 g

    Jam sugar - 100 g

    Star aniseed - 1

    Vanilla pod - 1

    Pectin NH

Boil all the ingredients together and leave to reduce for two minutes.


    Apricot puree - 1kg

    Powdered glucose - 83 g

    Stabilising agent - 8 g

    Inverted sugar - 33 g

    Granulated sugar - 193 g

    Water - 350 g

Boil the mixture except for the fruit puree. When the mixture has cooled, incorporate the fruit and place in the freezer.


    Apricot puree - 84 g

    Yellow pectin - 7 g

    Granulated sugar - 19 g

    Water - 56 g

    Granulated sugar - 131 g

    Glucose - 66 g

    Fresh diced Wallis apricots - 150 g

    Citric acid - 5 g

Make the ribbon of yellow pectin and the granulated sugar into a dry mix. Add the apricot puree and water and boil briefly. Cut the apricots into small dice and boil them with the glucose and the rest of the granulated sugar. Add the citric acid and divide equally between Silpat moulds. Leave to cool.

Vanilla sauce

    Melted granulated sugar - 50 g

    Syrup 1 for 1 - 600 g

    Gelatine - 1 g

    Vanilla pod - 2

    Galliano (vanilla liqueur) - 100 g

Melt and lightly brown the granulated sugar in a pan and cool by pouring in the syrup. Infuse the vanilla pod and leave to reduce. Add the softened gelatine and when it has cooled a little, add the vanilla liqueur. Fill the glasses.

Apricot soup

    Apricot puree - 250 g

    Syrup 1 for 1 - 50 g

    Gelatine - 1 g

Heat the fruit puree with the syrup and add the melted gelatine, then pour carefully onto the vanilla sauce in the glasses.

Bitter almonds/yoghurt cream

    Cream - 150 g

    Natural yoghurt - 80 g

    Bitter almond flavouring (or barley water) - 5 g

Lightly whip the cream and then mix in the yoghurt and the bitter almond flavouring.


Nougat ring

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