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Ergo Line Hot 12 malta

Ergo Line Hot 12

Product Code: SCCC12

 Hot Trolley:

Heating element:                                              600W

Ampere                                                 2,7A

Temperature range:                                        Up to 90⁰C

Digital display:                                                     Yes

Temperature reached indicator:                 Yes

Ventilation (open/close):                                              Yes (to adjust moisture level)



Wheels (standard):                                          Ø 160mm (2 fixed, 2 swivel with brake)

Door handle:                                                       Excenter lock

Handles:                                                                Ergonomic push/pull handles 420mm



Interior:                                                 Anodized aluminum and stainless steel runners

Exterior:                                                                Reinforced fiber glass and aluminum profiles

Door opening:                                                    270⁰ with a magnet to keep door at fixed position

Top bumper/handrail:                                     Yes (Stainless steel)       

Bottom bumper:                                               Yes (Stainless steel rubber clad all around)

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Size (outside):                                                   

Width                                                     540mm

Depth                                                     810mm

Height                                                    1440mm              

Weight                                                   63 kg


Size (inside):

Width                                                     345mm

Depth                                                     535mm

Height                                                    1040mm

Volume in liters                                  192L



Capacity in GN 1/1 - 65mm or its equivalent                          12x 1/1-GN

Distance between runners:                                          80mm

Racks:                                                     Standard, detachable in Stainless steel.

Power connection                                            220-240V 1 phase 50-60 Hz

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